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‘The camera chose Shah Rukh Khan’ - Col. Kapoor

Discussion in 'Oldies But Goldies **HOT**' started by shublee, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    ‘The camera chose Shah Rukh Khan’
    By: Mayank Shekhar
    October 2,2002


    NEW DELHI: “So, you want to talk about Shah Rukh Khan, because he sells?” winks 71-year-old colonel Raj Kapoor. He is the man who made the 1985 serial Fauji that glued the nation to their TV sets, drove kids to buy plastic machine guns to play fauji-fauji in their neighbourhoods, topped television ratings on some Wednesday nights to beat Ramayan and possibly gave the Indian army their best recruitment ad ever.

    Sitting in this small café in New Delhi where everybody seems to know this jovial old man and waiters serve his umpteenth ladoo, we venture, “Do the waiters ever ask you, ‘Thoda ketchup try karo’? (the line from his famous Volfarm ad).”

    Kapoor laughs before talking almost non-stop about his five-year stint as a 49-year-old fourth assistant to director Raj Khosla after quitting the army.

    About Sampooran Singh ‘Gulzar’ whose poems he had rejected as the editor of the journal of Khalsa College and how years later he played the role of a cop in Gulzar’s Angoor.

    The General in the army who didn’t like the way he walked and so asked him, “What do you think you are, Dilip Kumar?” A reply to which almost lost Kapoor his job, “No sir, I am Raj Kapoor!”

    We could go and on with the Colonel’s funny tales, but yes, this meeting is about Fauji, Kapoors’ tribute to the army, where he served 27 years. And yes, though we do not mention it, this meeting is about Shah Rukh Khan, who approached Kapoor through his son-in-law because he really wanted to act in the hit serial.

    “I called Shah Rukh at 6’o clock in the morning along with other boys for an audition, which required running with a backpack through kilometeres in PT shoes and a punching exercise!”

    Most didn’t turn up, others flopped on the way, but Shah Rukh who claimed to be ‘tough enough for the job’ survived and landed himself the role of Abhimanyu Rai, who incidentally wasn’t the lead but the hero Vikram Rai’s brother in the series.

    “As we saw the rushes, we realised the camera simply loved the boy and his character was modified to become the lead. So, I didn’t choose Shah Rukh Khan, the camera did,” reminisces twinkle-eyed Kapoor about the superstar who would massage his back during the shoot, bubble with ideas, suggest summersaults he could do to incorporate in the script and play truant with his buddies on the sets.

    “Once he came in late to the sets with an immediate excuse, “Sir, the Prime Minister’s cars caused an hour-long traffic jam.’ But you said the same thing last week, I shot back. “Oh, is it sir, in that case, my uncle is unwell!”

    After a few episodes, filmmaker Lekh Tandon came to the sets of Fauji, saw the mischievous boy and immediately signed him up for a film role. “Shah Rukh was jumping with joy.” The rest, to use a cliche is entertainment history. And so is Kapoor’s Fauji for which he received a letter from the headmaster of Doon School, the colonel’s best compliment to date, “Dear Sir… the students have demanded no homework to be given on Wednesdays, they don’t mind extra work on Saturdays…”

    Where is the Fauj now?

    Shah Rukh Khan
    He played: Commando Abhimanyu Rai

    Where is he now?: Well…

    Rakesh Sharma
    He played: Captain Vikram Rai, the elder brother of Abhimanyu, and the training chief who would take no nonsense, certainly not spare his kid-bro.

    Where is he now?: He died falling off the steps of the Doordarshan office after receiving an approval for a serial that had made him bankrupt. He had spent years doing the rounds of the babu desks.

    Vikram Chopra
    He played: “I say chaps” Commando Chauhan, Abhimanyu’s buddy.

    Where is he now?: A paunchy and happily-married businessman in Delhi

    A Kanan
    He played: The rough son of Captain Narayanan “Mujhe sawaal pasand nahin hai. Koi shak ya sawaal?”

    Where is he now?: Doing advertisements and serials

    Link : http://www.mid-day.com/entertainment/television/2002/october/32887.htm

    found it somewhere else but thought to share it here
    we cant miss this, SRK is so cheeky & cute :kiss::p
    and i couldnt find it posted
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  2. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    I have read this before but i think long back, and that time i think i didnt even know of something called PlanetSRK exists! it was good for refeshing, i remember that excuse incident very well, ah!!! oh well, the young days of our dear ShahRukh! :D The letter from Schools reminds of my Dad (he is 1 year and half older to shahrukh) and he told me so many stories of Fauji ( One of them -> he said when he was in college they have bunked colleges (night study blocks - he was living in hostel that time in Bangalore pursuing Mechanical Engineering) just to watch Fauji Serial with all the friends- ( I came to know about this incident of my dad this year in Jan i think :D ) I was shocked when he said he was SRK fan (in a sense he liked him in the role he had) since after watching Fauji and loved fauji but he never knew tht he would become that big in future!

    ShahRukh deserves everybit of that Success!
    thanks shublee for posting this and reminding me of this. :hug:
  3. Ella

    Ella Haan farishtey hote hain ♥


    and i can imagine his face while saying it :D
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  4. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    dont remember posting it, let alone ever reading it :lol:

    i swear Fauji was aired in 1989..watched Fauji over 5 days on yt & someone mentioned it was from april-oct of 1989..for me its the best indian drama serial i've seen to date :D

    anyway, love Abhimanyu Rai! and i liked the character Varun who played his 'buddy'

    sad to hear about the guy who played the brother, may his soul rest in peace

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