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‘If it’s mine, it is the best... I don’t need it any better’

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by shublee, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    ‘If it’s mine, it is the best... I don’t need it any better’
    - The Telegraph’s Exclusive With Shah Rukh Khan

    3sposrkcol6big.jpg [click to make it bigger]

    Calcutta: Shah Rukh Khan, the talismanic superstar and principal owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), spoke to The Telegraph for around 45 minutes on Tuesday evening.
    While most of what he said was published in these columns on Wednesday, the rest of the one-on-one is being presented now.
    The following are excerpts
    On wanting to be seen as the KKR mascot only...
    The boys believe in me that way, they respect me as that (mascot)... Indeed, they love me.
    Wins delight, but do losses just hurt...
    That’s a very cynical and a cheap way to term a defeat.
    Coming close to jumping off the balcony, at the Chepauk, after the IPL-V final...
    I’ve done Ra.One!
    Having apologised for smoking at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur...
    I did, but I shouldn’t have gone by what some of the officials there had told me — that I could smoke in the public area. I should have got my people to double-check. One learns.
    The reaction of his children (Aryan, Suhana) to the fracas at the Wankhede last month...
    I did explain why I’d reacted in that manner... That person (a guard) said this, so I said that... I did get angry, but I’m a gentle father. Aryan understood, yet said ‘Everything is okay Baba, but why? Why did you need to do this?’... Suhana said much the same thing — ‘Listen Baba, it’s not nice...’ It’s because of them that I went on TV to apologise... To my children, to my fans, who saw a side of me they shouldn’t have seen. Actually, I’d been protecting my children... Protecting them from what was happening (on the ground, after the KKR-Mumbai Indians match)... I protect them from my world of cynicism and they understand it better than I do.
    No longer being regular in replying to text messages...
    (Emotionally) I get only one or two hours to myself, at home... I’m becoming more and more reclusive... For a while, I did have a lady to look at the messages, but her husband got transferred out of Mumbai and, so, there’s no one right now.
    Wanting to build a studio and a stadium...
    I’d like the studio to be in Mumbai... The stadium could be anywhere.
    If he’s envied an actor, past or present...
    I’m extremely satisfied with what I do... I’m happy with what I have... My philosophy is that jo apna hai, woh sab se accha ho sakta hai, aur jo apna nahin hai, wahan time waste mat karo... I’m very clear about things. If it’s mine, it is the best... I don’t need it any better. I also believe that better is the undoer of good... Whenever you look at something better, you are actually killing good. You shouldn’t do that. If something is good, then it is good enough. You don’t try and better it.
    Being satisfied...
    I’m very satisfied with the work I do... I don’t compare, irrespective of what people say... I don’t get involved in the lives of other people... That’s why I hate it when people get involved in my personal life... I’m a non-envious person. But, yes, I appreciate sometimes and I’d like to do a few things which others have done. I wouldn’t like to copy anybody, though. That’s not me.
    Having completed over two decades in the film industry...
    When I’d started off, I’d told (wife) Gauri that I’d do 22 films and retire! Now, I’m about to complete 22 years!
    The reason behind selecting 22 as the number, not 21 or 23...
    (Laughs) We were at Chunky Pandey’s house one day and were watching his films... Those days there were no CDs, but video cassettes... He had 22 of those in his house and I thought 22 would be a good number... Initially, I’d planned to work for only seven-eight years and to do 22 films in that period. Felt that would be really nice.
    [As it turns out, the 46-year-old Shah Rukh has done over 70 films, a high number of them absolute blockbusters.]
    What if he’d actually quit after 22 films...
    I would have gone back to New Delhi... I would have got a job, I have done my Masters (in Mass Communication, from the Jamia Millia Islamia). To be honest, I wanted to direct ad films, that really was my secret desire.
    Not watching his films once they’re released...
    Yeah, I never do... I do watch them in the pre-release stage, but not thereafter. I definitely watch the (KKR) matches over and over again!
    Keeping a stubble...
    That’s the requirement for the film to be shot in London... I don’t shave only if the role requires me to grow a stubble.
    Being very particular about going to bed with clean feet...
    Yes, I have a shower.
    Finally, on constantly wearing dark glasses...
    I’m glad you’ve asked me, for many have written what they wanted to, without bothering to check... The (dark) glasses have the prescribed power and wearing them is convenient.
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  2. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    so many new & wonderful SRK interviews :bounce:
    i dont know whats been posted & what hasnt :p
    hope this isnt a repeat.

    btw. does anyone know which event these pics are from? the one in my avatar (got that from tumblr) & the one in this article. havent seen them before.
  3. luxia

    luxia I'm demented...

    :nod: Prescription sun glasses....the world's greatest invention for all of us blind as bats. :becky:
    It's silly but I love this little 'imperfection' of his....makes me feel closer to him.
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  4. iamsrking

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  5. S.one

    S.one Well-Known Member

    Seriously ! and that makes me feel him closer to us... :p
    iamsrking says thanks.
  6. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    True, a reminder that he's only human.

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