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‘I would prefer beating SRK with my films’ – Salman Khan

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Karan#1, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Karan#1

    Karan#1 Well-Known Member

    At a press meet to launch the 7th season of Bigg Boss, Salman Khan had quite a lot to talk about his one-time good friend Shahrukh Khan. The superstar spoke about his famous hug at Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party and invited SRK to be a part of his television reality show Bigg Boss.

    Salman also spoke about the ongoing box office rivalry between the two Khans, adding that if he has to beat someone, he would rather do it with his films.

    “If we had to beat each other up, we would rather do it with our work. Just like he beat me recently (hinting at the box office records of Chennai Express). Its not like my film won’t release. I will try to beat him. Aamir is also coming and newcomer Ranbir is also doing well”

    Watch the video below!

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  2. yummy

    yummy Fan girl since Fauji.

    Really stupid! What the link between successful film and hitting each other? Why should there be a competition in the first place, professional or personal???

    I don't understand why Salman turned up in Madhuri's dance show, Comedy night etc... He didn't have a film to promote right? Looks like PR team will soon indulge in TRP comparisons, Salman beats SRK in TRPs, headlines will come out soon. Insecure already? Taking competition too seriously??? :rolleyes2::rolleyes2::rolleyes2:
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  3. anesya

    anesya Guest

    funny how shahrukh khan doesnt think this at all
    and he is like "I wish them the best"

    what did we learn today?
    shahrukh khan is an angel

    and totally agree with yummy.
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  4. Rayhana

    Rayhana Well-Known Member

    they are just sooooo different!......chalk and cheese!
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  5. iamsrk

    iamsrk I HATE to lose !!

    provoking his fans! .. btw his usage of 'BEING HUMAN' was quite smart!!
    his PR team is really good ... reshma shetty all the way is responsible for all these statements!!
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  6. yummy

    yummy Fan girl since Fauji.

    Reshma Shetty, I hear, has our beloved Karan Johar in her client list. Wonder what statements Karan will make hereafter! :rolleyes:
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  7. zheni

    zheni Well-Known Member

    Boastful man ... Duplex ... I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him ... Heart of Gold ??? haaaaaaaaa ... i really really really cant stop my bad feel and close my mouth 2.png
  8. yummy

    yummy Fan girl since Fauji.

    As per Bollywood standards, only people with criminal cases have heart of gold... As of now, only two people. First Sanjay Dutt and then Salman Khan.
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  9. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    It's irresponsible of him to say stuff like this knowing how his fans behave. It is completely unnecessary. If one star's film does well it doesn't harm the work of other stars.
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  10. Karan#1

    Karan#1 Well-Known Member

    Not really. It's mostly his fans who think that.
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  11. Rayhana

    Rayhana Well-Known Member

    sooo true!
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  12. yummy

    yummy Fan girl since Fauji.

    Only his fans believe it. The stories however originate from Bollywood, perhaps from kith and kin, oldest childhood friends and those who have invested on these stars. Good image has to be created ...na...
  13. Xeny

    Xeny ❤️‍ ART

    Angel? nooo...he's just smarter ;)
    Oh boy, this is never ending story of Shahrukh- Salman altercation...but I thought none of them will "throw some wood on the fire". It seems that Salman is just did it..
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  14. nika

    nika Well-Known Member

    Relax my friends!
    I also felt really bad seeing the headline and reading his words. But I suggest all of you to check out the video. He said it in good spirit, nothing nasty about it. everybody laughed because it was not said in a way to be taken seriously. But as always the media misused those sentences to make headlines.
    By the way @Xeny I can't stop looking at your Don signature! :cool2:
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  15. Xeny

    Xeny ❤️‍ ART

    yeah, I think you are right, actually...

    P.S. OH Ya baby, Don will take your brain, destroy it and even make you beg for more! :heh:
    I go nuts about this part when he's re charging his weapon! Ohskjdd#&@(#H too sexy! And his sight - give me the fresh air please!
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  16. yummy

    yummy Fan girl since Fauji.

    He does say 'Kaam se maroonga' .. but why? Why the support professional upmanship talk like 'Shahrukh beats Salman' .. 'Salman beats Ranbr' all that nonsense? Dislike that thought process.

    Shahrukh comes to media to promotes his movies, talks about his movies, says nothing personal about others, wishes everyone well and moves on ...
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  17. Xeny

    Xeny ❤️‍ ART

    like I said - Shahrukh's just smarter...wiser...he thinks before he says something
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  18. Rayhana

    Rayhana Well-Known Member

    Like I said before...Intelligence is one of the sexiest qualities that a man can have!
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  19. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    your signature is scarin' me.
  20. Xeny

    Xeny ❤️‍ ART

    oh ya baby! 200 % agree!
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