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‘How can I move away from SRK?’

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Evy, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Evy

    Evy Well-Known Member

    ‘How can I move away from SRK?’
    Subhash K Jha
    Sunday, January 21, 2007 23:58 IST

    Director Aziz Mirza on his relationship with King Khan and casting Shahid Kapur in his next film.

    Though considerable time has elapsed since Aziz Mirza made his last film ‘Chalte Chalte’, nothing seems to have changed in the director’s life. He first remains an individual with working-class leanings, a filmmaker later.

    “But my new film (untitled) is set in a foreign city. I made a conscious decision to move out of Mumbai this time. Since I last made a film, the process of globalisation has accelerated. I want to see how it affects my protagonist. But yes, I’ll continue to be taken up by the problems of the have-nots.”

    Dismissing speculation about him having drifted apart from his protégé Shah Rukh Khan, Aziz says, “Not at all! Juhi (Chawla) and Shah Rukh are like my own children. How can I move away from them? The only reason why Shah Rukh is not in my new film is because this role required a young boy just out of college.” He explains, “In fact, the minute Juhi heard the script she said she could see a younger Shah Rukh in it. That’s how Shahid came in.”

    Aziz refuses to take any credit for Shah Rukh’s success and says, “It’s wrong to say I helped his career. Shah Rukh became an overnight star with ‘Deewana’. I remember they had shot half the film with another actor. Shah Rukh came into the project at the fag end. That’s destiny! One doesn’t have to always work with the ones we love. Some relationships go beyond the professional. Shah Rukh’s and mine is one of them.”

    Ever since his wife Nirmala’s death, Aziz has been in a state of seclusion. “Not really. It always takes me time to make my next film. Writing a film isn’t an easy process. After ‘Chalte Chalte’ I had to do a film that I was comfortable with,” he ends.
  2. Heba

    Heba Active Member

    Wow he is agreat person and a great director. I love his "chalte chalte" alot. Thanks a lot Evy for sharing.
  3. sanjani

    sanjani Ullu-Club Member

    Nice article, nice man.... :)

    Thank you for sharing!
  4. chatranisrk

    chatranisrk Well-Known Member

    Great article! Aziz Mirza seems a very nice guy, really close to Shahrukh as we can see in the Inner world, he seems to be a father figure for Shahrukh!

    I just saw an interview of him and he spoke very lovingly about Shahrukh, I never believed they could be angry at each other.

    Loved to read the bits about Dewaana, I didn't know this fact! Thanks Evy :heart:
  5. Mazerq_j

    Mazerq_j Well-Known Member

    "...One doesn’t have to always work with the ones we love. Some relationships go beyond the professional. Shah Rukh’s and mine is one of them.”

    :thumb: :nod:
  6. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    A great man! No wonder that SRK is close to him!
  7. starstar

    starstar People are not perfect (except when they smile)

    Thanks for sharing, dear Evy.

    This is the first article I read about Aziz Mirza. I have never read anything about him before. All I knew about him is that he is a close friend of Shahru and Juhi and that I did quite a lot of films with them. And the only film of him I saw is "Chalte Chalte"

    Now, thanks to this article, I also know that Aziz Mirza seems to be a nice man. I loved these kind words he said about Shahrukh.

    Now, I have a question which has nothing to do with Shahrukh: Can anyone plase tell me why Shahhid Kapur is always "named" as :) Kapur? His name isn't "Sunny" right? LOL :D. Really, it confuses me...
  8. layla-val

    layla-val Active Member

    Lovely interview from a lovely man :D thankyou so much for sharing this with us Evy :thumb:
  9. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

  10. srk_mai

    srk_mai New Member

    Thank you for sharing!
  11. lamya

    lamya Well-Known Member

    It's a good thing Aziz Mirza cleared the air, but one thing that really bothers me with the indian film industry is the fact that as soon as a director or an actor starts working with someone else, the rumour mills about trouble is bound to start.
    Come on , A director/actor can't just work with one personn, he has to experiment and does not mean at all that there's trouble between the two
  12. nainital

    nainital New Member

    I thought as much. All these rumours (the industry obviously can't do without!) are baseless. Why shouldn't Aziz Mirza work with other actors? I'm glad, though, he made his close relationship to Shahrukh clear in that article. It's nice to have confirmed what I already thought!
  13. shahboo

    shahboo New Member

    srk.juhi and mirza go back a long way in time and they have always been like a family.pray god that this friendship and partnership grow in strength.
  14. sabita_baner

    sabita_baner New Member

    they both have a great friendship.thanx for sharing.
  15. Adaneth

    Adaneth New Member

    Oh ok that i can understand. The next one maybe is with Sahrukh. Thx for sharing. I wil look the film because i hope of such a great story like Chalte Chalte.
  16. Naina86

    Naina86 EtoW SRK is the best

    Thank u for sharing. It's good that Aziz Mirza has put an end to the rumours.
    And i'm happy to have read his nice words about srk...I also didn't know that fact of Deewana. Great!
    I love him as director, don't know Shahid but i hope he will do a great job. (i'm thinking of a friendly appereance of SRK :)
  17. Maryam

    Maryam Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing Evy!
  18. Shina001

    Shina001 Tina


    How sweet!!!!!!
  19. SrkJuhi4eva

    SrkJuhi4eva ~Juhi n Srk forever~

    aw lets hope srkjuhi are in his next film!

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